Grandfathers Death aniversary Today


According to my Cousin I look like our grandfather. My sister and I have that "flaw"  where there is an invisible line going across our face from the eye brow to the chin that makes the hair sparse - thus for me, it was creating a gap of eyebrow, mustache and goatee thickness.

When I was photoshophing my grandfathers face when he died and I was surprised to learn his eyebrows were incomplete. I think as we age and our hormones change that line becomes more pronounced. You learn a lot about a persons face when you have to photoshop them a lot. 

My kids dont seem to have it. 

Our grandfather was 9th of 13 kids IRCC. 

I've visited my great grandfathers grave many times and I have no clue who he was. I've speculated he or my great grandmother is where our clans very Chinese appearance comes from (my dad being mistaken as Cantonese) and my cousins blending seamlessly among chinoys.  

I do have the Long face and Build common in an asian Archetype. I am aware I have a very malay appearance that can make me look a bit South American, but depending on the lighting and complexion I can pass as Chinese or Chinese with Malay descent. Growing up I had a "doppelganger" ,someone in school that I have the same build and main facial features like, and I was aware I'm a particular "type".