Jan 14 2021 and Reflections


the STOIC philosophy, as well as mindfulness and CBT, talk about changing our framing, perception, mindset. 

I agree that trying directly to change other people's minds is not an effective strategy- Change is a system it requires all these forces acting in concert - incentives, benefits, costs, time, attention, etc... 

Trying to change people's mind is like launching a rocket without enough delta-V to get where it's going. 

I visualize attempting to be a kinder or better person like a gravity well in the belt - you exert a very TINY amount of influence in the orbit of other bodies. 

I want to be in those Lagrange points - a balance of forces keeping in a virtuous path. I'm a ship learning to convert matter to Delt-V budget to get into a Lagrange point - hoping my gravity well's wake will tug on other bodies to that point. 

Coping mechanisms range from a simple kinetic mass-driver, chemical rocket, to salt water nuclear rocket. lolz.  

Proselytizing is a full-time job with incentives that conflict with penalties. As compared to therapy - which Ideally is supposed to give people tools for their own coping mechanism. 


Balance is going left, right, up, down etc... A direction is not a moral or ethical absolute.

Expense vs Benefit. Expense cannot be analyzed by itself. Benefit has to be examined with its cost.

Some policies has tedious and simple systems, may affect a complex system.

The "middle path" can be described as "context analysis". What are the constraints and benefits? What is the benefit for the near goal, immediate good, greater good, etc...

All this helps gming a GM who can orient in zero gravity. His ability to analyze context for appropriate action.

Forgiveness and Justice depend on the situation.


I notice my privilege when public attention is allocated to the least accommodated and it feels like there is less of something I love for me.

I know it feels like that. It feels like that if it's not about me or what I care about in my feeds.

But I know it's just a bias, it's completely subjective and irrational.

When gamers and Asians became mainstream - when I felt represent - this is how these less accommodated people must have felt.

When there was backlash for Asian and gamers and less accommodated people I wonder if people felt like something was being taken away from them or being forced to be aware of the suffering of others to diminish their suffering?

Does it? Who made me think or what causes me to think knowing the suffering of others diminishes my suffering?

Awareness of my bias and flaws is important. I won't hold people's flaws against them if they don't hold my flaws against me if we are together transparent. Transparent we have a dialogue of our priorities.

I believe flawed people/sinners help each other to be better people. Everyone Cannot be saints and strong in every place - but they can be strong in places that help others.