Jan 19 2021 Studies and Meditation


Asymmetric Balance

  1. Our Flaws are far greater and numerous than our Strengths.
  2. But our Strengths can serve or process so much - 
  3. Given any INPUT - our flaws causes us great cost of time and resources to Process, while our Strengths have a very low cost and resource to Process. 
  4. Our Attention (and Time) is how we manage Inputs to our Strengths and Flaws. We avoid situations where we have to invest inputs in our Flaws and Try to TRADE the Surplus or Value of our strengths. 
  5. Balance is achieved in a SYSTEM - like a community or society where we are able to TRADE OPTIMALLY  our Strengths to mitigate our Flaws. That we are in a NET bonus and we Can spare attention to either Enhance our Strength or Mitigate our Flaws.