My kids teach me who I was

Being around my sons age playing these games and WATCHING them now Holy crap no wonder I needed the strategy guide!!!

Maniac Mansion, Full Throttle, Monkey Island, XCOM, Quest for Glory, etc... when my son helps me in Minecraft I can almost see how me and my brothers were in those times. 

But I cant explain to my son key concepts like - Having a Plan. He would jump into a swarm of Pillagers and die and I would ask him "Why did you do that?" in a very neutral tone because I'm really curious what was going on in his head when he JUMPED into a swarm of Pillagers instead of Luring them Into the Killzone I prepared. Did he understand what a Killzone is? Did he imagine the thrill of striking and blocking? 

My son would try to join my teams Insurgency Games - am I not the dad who can do XYZ am I not credible? Its one of those things where you wonder - if My parents were saints would it still not be enough for me as a kid? 

When my mom tried explaining Depreciation when I was a kid I was receptive - we were in the car and we were waiting in front of my grandparents store and mom asked me what happens when I have a sago stand. 

When I watch the videos of these games Even as an Adult I don't think I could solve it without an incredible amount of hours. 

The games I didn't have money to play was Ultima, Kings Quest,  and of course a lot of the Consol titles. Me and my brothers had 4 games with the SNES - dragon ball Z 1 and 2 was the one I remember playing. 

The puzzle is what lesson learned sticks to kids? I think there is no successful strategy except BRUTE FORCE attempts to educate them lolz. 

When I ask my son "what do you think went wrong..." he got this habit from the YouTubers saying "Of course it was XYZ..." (open problem solving is not having any one answer but using socratic methods to condition Idea and thought Break Downs; trying to discover a train of thought). 

As you have your own kids and see their Mental Wiring - and see the biases - how did I get from there to Here? What system do I need? Since we have FULL TIME work in work PARENTING will always be a PART TIME job supplemented with School and Nannys and tutors.  

My son is nearing the age me and my brothers were playing Games as a UNIT - we shared a game and took turns playing it. Our success and accomplishment were not individualized but shared. When we figured out the Secret Weapon in Betrayal at Krondor without a Strategy guide that was the best feeling.