Perfect Knowledge. Hypocrisy is Ok, its the Denial of Hypocrisy or Dissonance which is Bad.

There are degrees of Informed decision making. Perfect knowledge is an impossible standard. 

We can make decisions with Assumptions, we do that everyday. The amount of decisions we make based on faulty data are plenty. even Bills, Online Purchases, Shopping, have some imperfection or faulty assumption. 

The challenging decisions are the Hypocrisies, Cognitive Dissonance, and Human Relationships that are tied to a decision. I notice the fear of hypocrisy quickly runs into All or Nothing thinking. I realize that hypocrisy is not bad - it's denying the hypocrisy that prevents a satisfactory resolution. 

when there is a hypocrisy to be aware of it and having it as part of the things being considered in better understanding. 

Often its "how can you believe this while your friends with that or do that?" Its usually in the details - the same details every new breakthrough is made up of. When they squeeze the nanometer of the cpus, improve the engine efficiency, improve the server's performance, etc... its in some painful details that makes a difference. 

Even the Distinction that Hypocrisy is Not bad and its the Acknowledging or Denying the Hypocrisy that determines Harm from Help. The Denial is what stops all Inquiry, evaluation, and reflection. 

the hypocrisy that I believe that the Philippines, USA, China, etc... have good people but they have people and groups that are exploiting a system to perpetuate as status quo that is NET worse of for everyone. 

the painful details are that inquiry is good, being able to criticize is good, but of course evidence and substance is good and important, that we should not require perfect standards, we do not need saints , and despite people lacking the capacity to overcome biases for sound judgment we continue to create the opportunity to learn to decide. 

Painful details - every good has a cost, so we have to pay for good that creates the net good so as to afford greater and greater good. that this transaction is imperfect and sometimes the good is not immediate, refined, or perfect. 

that the virtous cycle is not perfect - but is FAR better than a STATIC perfection.