Random Musing: kindness limits, freedom limits, and the cost of age.

Kindness is strength.

But a kind person can set limits.

It's not a violation or hypocrisy when a kind and generous person limits his kindness and generosity.

But limits, the use of leverage to enforce limits (power, emotion, money, voice, network, reason, etc).

A kind and caring person capable of using their ability to do less harm is even a greater extension of their kindness.

Whenever we use our abilities and take action, there will always a risk that it will be in error. A society that cannot allow a person to correct proportional and appropriate to context will not allow for kind people to prosper.

Limits of Freedom

The paradox of tolerance reminds me of the limits of Freedom - the limit of a freedom when it takes away freedoms, safety, rights from others.

Freedom of speech is affecting our freedom to be informed of accurate and truthful information.

If people can exploit freedom of speech and pump as much information as possible that it harms democracy, health, safety, mental health, peace etc...

Then we have reached a limit of freedom.

It doesn't mean the freedom ends, it just means a more complicated set of rules come into play. Democracy is a complicated set of rules for a "mob" to argue the merits and flaws of an action.

We will have to settle for a flawed but better than status quo solution to misinformation.

Cost of the Skill

While much of my airsoft days are behind me, the book reminds me of all the things I tracked and studied.

Radio - cost, set up calibration, and of course making he manual for the team would have been probably 40-60 mh. Probably spend 80k

Orienteering - this is not just one of the hardest skills, but even the Philippines army rangers video made me realize how difficult it is to learn this without retaining an Army ranger to mentor me and the team for months. It's months because guys in late 30s and early 40s will need weeks to recover from the 5 and then later 20k distances. Probably spend 200k all in. 

Endurance - endurance and other stats cannot develop without the ability to delegate other tasks until the conditioning is there. The cost of developing endurance and strength is the cost of an expert to delegate to, and the physical therapy/trainer and the cooking to change the eating habits. That's bout 200k ish for 3-4 months. 

Marksmanship is the easy part - it's having the energy and the sit awareness that offset all the penalties of a stressful and rapidly changing situation.

Drills can be part of the physical conditioning.

There will be permanent injury sustained during the physical injury. People and most storytelling don't talk about how you limit your range of motion when you try to increase your performance. Especially when dealing with equipment and load up of up to 30 to 60lbs (combat load). 

And of course what's a COO going to do with skills that have an upkeep? Every skill has an upkeep cost. 

Recommending this book, it's free with my Audible plan.