Systems of Indifference, apathy, and falsehood

 the system of indifference - I'm beginning to notice indifference and these other traits are a system. they are actions and conditions that recur under a set of circumstances that perpetuate itself. 

The way our Habits (good and bad) have Inputs, processes, and Outcomes that feed to other Systems perpetuating the status quo. 

They cannot be overturned by a one-off or random argument or plea for empathy, the system has to change. The input, process, and outcome that perpetuates indifference have to be identified and hacked. 

Poverty, changing or inconsistent application of rules/laws, failing to acknowledge the truth, facts, feedback, (failing to create a verifiable connection to reality - a reality that doesn't support an agenda) are systems that promote indifference - disconnection, callousness, apathy to fellow humans.  

The distortion of Facts - the ability to lie without consequence is one of the most interesting "Software Bugs" in the system. Like a software bug it has its own set of systems that make the software bug deeply ingrained in the system,  and can be found in its architecture - in the Trade-offs made in times of scarcity. Trade-offs that sacrifices some Future to make sure the system works now. Faultless Trade-offs, when you consider that if the system didn't work then people wont be around to argue its flaws.  

Overhauling the Architecture - like Freedom of Speech - a Universal Right doesnt mean freedom from consequences of Speech. Consequences from Misinformation and Deception is "strawman" as Censorship. The Addage or Memetic "Freedom of Speech, doesn't mean Freedom from consequences".  Right now consequences are limited to Suing for defamation and in countries like the Philippines - Libel suits can be used to censor as long as it can be "proved before a judge" that it is a negative.  

4. Truth of the libelous statement. In libel as a rule, truth of the defamatory statement is not a defense by itself, as “[e]very defamatory imputation is presumed to be malicious, even if it be true.”31 Even if the offender is able to prove the truth of the defamatory statement, he is not relieved from liability. By way of exceptions, proof of truth will help exonerate the author of the defamation in the following:

1. In a criminal prosecution for libel, if the accused presents, in addition to proof of the truth of the matter charged as libelous, good motives and justifiable ends in publishing the matter, he shall be acquitted.32

2. When the offended party is a Government employee, if the defamatory imputation is related to the discharge of his official duties, even if the imputation does not constitute a crime, proof of truth is sufficient for acquittal.33 Under this exception, it is not required for the defendant or accused to prove good motives and justifiable ends in publishing the defamatory matter.