Emotions are Modes and Feedback

EQ study notes 

Modes narrow the scope by which Context is processed. I believe that Emotions are MODES that narrow the context for the brain to better utilize resources. 


Emotions require feedback: An Emotion is a MODE and it cannot process a Vacuum or Anything. It needs to process an Action, Input, surroundings, and changes to conditions. 

Emotion requires the feedback of Action. That feeling you get when an Emotion did not enter its catharsis stage - it was unresolved and unprocessed. Plus all the unprocessed baggage that is not within our attention. 

Anger - Action, Agression
Fear - Flee, Escape, Avoid
Disgust - Differentiate, Purge, Clean, Prune, 
Joy - Sharing, Pleasure, Optimism, 
Sadness - Change, Commiseration, 

Sadness is Change - and change and adaptation is to a gamer  XP. 

sadness without Change feels empty - it feels unresolved. 

Like in IT or any QA troubleshooting this is the Theory/Model and I typically try and experiment to replicate the Error/Issue. 

Denial or Suppression of an emotion is a necessary survival trait (when the emotion is not relevant at the time) BUT to level it up is to have a way to manage that Technical Debt. To process it later. 

 The IT troubleshooting part is "Where did this feeling come from? Why is it sub-optimally influencing my decision?"  

I hope to have the XP to let go of opportunities I hold on to but never take - to free up the mental bandwidth to make me better- by better I process more Emotional Debt/Backlog. 

With less Emotional backlog I can be more "present".