Love is an Active System

 Love has many meanings, but I want to eliminate the arousal, attraction, and happiness type of Love and focus on all the other things love does. 

I want to discuss how Love are emotions, experiences, communications, context, culture, information, knowledge, and sensations. That these are all systems - but not a system that is Passive and exists without any input or any Volition in it but an Active System. 

Here is where I start sounding crazy - the Active System type of Love creates Families (whoever we call family) that are more likely to ADAPT TO REALITY. As a System, the TRUTH and FACTS matter, and the system requires feedback from its surroundings and stakeholders. 

A loving family is able to talk about facts and feelings. 

A loving family is more likely to create HIGH EQ people. 

A HIGH EQ family/household is more likely to create people who are able to adapt to reality. 

People who are able to adapt to reality are able to better survive.