Difference of Rejection and Preference

 what is the difference between rejection and preference? 

Feeling rejected I guess is there is no other choice - but then if there is a lot of choice and opportunity then it's a difference of preference? 

It is one of those Ursula Le Guin feminist essays that touch on Taoism, EQ, CBT, and Anthropology. 

Power came from Rejection - because it's zero-sum. Intolerance has Power because it Rejects other people, beliefs, and ways of life. POWER as a memetic is interesting when you trace Christian history and the City State Religions of Mesopotamia. 

You have monolithic religions being intolerant and then other religions being tolerant and accepting of other beliefs. Particularly the Polytheism that resulted in earlier eras. 

Intolerance, Rejection, Zero-Sum Power (Crab Mentality), Objectivity  

Tolerance, Preference, Non-Zero-Sum, Truth in One's Experience/Subjectivity,  

it's so interesting how much anyone has to unlearn these and we still have to grapple with the Conditioned behavior to think this way. Like when I first became atheist - all superstitions had to be DUMPED - anything supernatural dumped. Now I have to DUMP something harder to find in my psyche - Intolerance, Rejection, Zero-Sum, and Objectivity is the only Truth.  

And still, I get upset based on this Learned Behavior. I sometimes Feel its Zero Sum, I feel some disgust-intolerance, Objectivity seeks to silence the value of Individual truth (Subjectivity), Rejections vs Preference, 

Because Rejection is the MODE of Power - then I have to use Courtesy and Translate a Counter-intuitive FRAMING of a situation that I have a different preference and I cannot reject something that doesn't require my approval.

Sorry I'm not rejecting - I'm not the only lynch-pin of this thing - it will not die or thrive because of me (and if it does why?).  At the same time, I cannot be rejected if my motives and reasons are my own. if I don't seek to Monopolize something then I allow for preference, and it cannot be about rejection. 

the difficulty to convey this VERY (anthropological) normal concept that existed in many cultures for thousands of years (Live and let Live) shows how much Intolerance has seized control of our culture.