March 29 2021

 It is one's personal truth - experience, opinion, and belief. To respect it is to know - its our personal truth - that it doesn't apply to others. It can be entirely subjective and TRUE - and we are free to experience, enjoy, grieve, act, differentiate, and analyze our personal truth. 

When our personal truth though begins to affect other people - if it takes or controls the narrative then the entire situation changes. 

Subjectivity and Opinions are OK, they have a powerful place in our personal domain. It can rule and often it does rule. But when we connect to others, then our beliefs and opinions are subject to change - and it can change in a way that it is not diminished, unimportant, tossed aside. 

Objectivity, negotiation, Dialogue, etc.. can shape our Internal World - and that's ok. We can still hold our Personal Truths Sacred yet allow for Others to have their personal truth that conflicts with ours. 

I can see the blue dress that is yellow for them is ok. But when we act and physical scarcity comes into play - we can still figure out a win-win, or tit for tat, or live and let live. There are many non-zero-sum strategies.