Punish a Fish because it cannot Climb a Ladder.


My daily routine 50sqts, 50pushups on a pushup bar (which is harder), 10+10 pull ups, 3 deadlifts of 80lbs, just 2km, and a quad bridge for 15mins straight with a 25lb weight for my back pain. 

167-169lbs at 5'9". I'm not a soldier I dont do physical work as my job and its irresponsible of me to trade off more exercise if it will diminish my working capacity. 

Even in the details it suspect - what trigger a more intense physical test? You'd need to have data and see the data and If you are ever part of any QA of any Organization that deal with metrics its not so straight forward how management deals with the Data you give them. 

Whats the GOAL? whats the Trade offs? What is the most common operation performed, what is the most important operation? 

example Women are more dillgient than men and personally - a woman more prepared and alert than a man for me is more dangerous and effective. Whats body armor and the weight of a 3 day pack when with Diligence I can prepare better per Encounter or Problem. 

I have the physical stats to BRUTE force a lot of problems - BUT I KNOW that brute force is not the best technique. CONFLICT is not necessarily PHYSICAL force. A Justin that is more mentally agile to prepare and adapt to a circumstance doesn't need all the muscle and bone mass. 

Having X number of more diligent and defensive thinking people in a team. If people drink that Swill tucker carlson say about Diversity is Shit - never encountered the engineering problem of Groupthink, and SYSTEMIC balance - where the collective and diverse strengths more than offset the collective weaknesses. 

I feel Attacked by seeing my strength a liability because I'm one of the two defensive thinkers in the Team, yet I'm the scout who runs to flank and into danger. 

Whats the point of alloys and systems Homogeneous is better than Structural? What's the point of Concrete with Iron beams why not Iron beams? 

I need to see the data - I may be an Idiot - I may be from a 3rd world with a 3rd world education and never measure up but science and engineering levels the playing field.  

as a 3rd worlder my Value of Diligence and Caution and Preparation is considered "WEAK" by chauvinistic virtues - there strengths are always considered Un-ideal by established strengths that cannot compete.  It sounds like something out of a Scifi Novel like "Legend of galactic heroes" or "the Lost fleet" where tactics are considered Trickery and Direct Decisive combat is "Honorable" 

Do you know how that sound?! My muscles make me a better soldier!  How many novels? How much history does one need to remember that pure force is not sufficient - that's why insurgency and terrorist acts are the new combat parameters. So excluding the most CAUTIOUS of our genders - this is hilarious. The person most likely see the Risk, Danger, the direction of the threat!  

yes penalize a FISH because it cannot climb a ladder. 

Sorry I come from a 3rd world where we believe that SELF-actualization/self-determination - the reason we broke off from the US - to have our destiny in our own hands - either if we fail or suffer is BETTER than being 2nd rate and 2nd class. 

To deny it to women who want to serve - that's just rich - that's so full of Irony to believe that these women are there to Endanger you for their Petty self-image. Who taught you to think that way? who made you learn those habits? Who made want to punch down and pull down people? I'm no saint I feel that - I feel those thoughts and a voice of all the kindness and good nature of all those who showed me kindness happens to show up in my mind - de-stigmatize the shame I feel for thinking those thoughts and point out the weaknesses of that argument. Like a friend who helps us laugh at our mistakes and flaws - 

"Hey they tricked you! And you let them trick you! they got you to punch down." Said all the Kindness I ever experienced. "Its ok, youre human. Now would you let them trick you? You know I'm just here. I never really go away - they get you when you forget I'm just here. I'm also flawed and full of biases, but I was still kind" 

My friends usually point out my mistakes - in a very causal way then we just joke about it. No point bringing shame into something that a person already feels bad about.