Too much Ursula Le Guin influencing me

 I realize we need more 3rd worlder writers for stories and games - i just realize a fundamental difference in mindset in the definition of what is GOOD for a game or a story is defined by the values of people.  

A lot of Ursula le guin essays filling my head. 

I realize a lot of my gaming values come from my 3rd world upbringing - its very different - to the point that it has no market in the developed world. It has no value to that world, that believe they are the cultural peak and standard. 

When a SEA, African, Indian, Chinese writer or artist produces something there is that stigma of "copying" "derivative" . Heck we are taught to see that in our fellow 3rd worlders without ever empathizing the Chinese, African, Indian, SEA artist or writer's voice as our own. 

Failing to remember that to developed worlders they think of their "glorious past" while the rest of the world - the developing world - ours is suffering and strife - their countries inflicted. THE Cognitive dissonance to remember ALL THAT HISTORY and yet be civil and find a purpose and build bridges is VERY different from the Peace of the conqueror. 

Especially those who have no Mythical past to draw from - where the dreams of empire and utopia was shattered by the invader - where by western narrative its a primitive society that had no value A lot of her Essays and works talk about this; she does not advocate it being Better - as much as the Variety we enjoy makes our lives richer. Variety and Diversity - that our value is not yet tested yet have the potential to be the new way - because the current way KINDA SUCKS. 

more 3rd world artists because others can only do what their people have done and are considered SUCCESSFUL. they will be measured by their Developed world culture. 

measure a fish by asking it to climb a ladder - measure a 3rd worlder by how well they parrot the values of their conqueror.  Measure a female soldier by how much muscle she can bring to the table instead of her ability to handle or deescalate conflicts. 

 The sadness in her essays is transformative - she burned the ships - there is no going back - the strength I will find is in the future. 

My combat narrative technique follows the best practice of my Team in how to analyze threats - which follows best practice in risk management - despite they are different disciplines and naturally converge also it follows Critical Path and Chain thinking. 

that's the thing about Multi-Disciplinary you can see Convergence (like Convergent Evolution) 

But I can see how my background makes me Like this and people with a similar background would like it - but the established standard will not like this - This is not how we tell stories in games. 

But that the thing - who gets to say that? if the gamers is like "that's not how we do things". that's the particular mindset am I to be measured by? It has to be our way