Why not Gaming Therapy? Why not the Care we can afford?

 if people cannot afford therapy and gaming and community is their therapy - how different is that from economic reality for medical treatment. If a person cannot afford a kind of medicine - then they simply suffer the tragic consequences of doing with out it. 

If my family was poorer then I would be one of many Filipinos who cannot afford the anti-viral drugs that cost 200-250usd/mo (now it costs only 30usd) for the treatment of Hepa B. The statistics is after 5 years untreated Liver Cirrhosis is the "life span limiter". that plunges people with my condition into further debt if we didnt have the cheaper preventive treatment. (feel free to correct me since my doctor is actually my gaming buddies, a gastroenterologist and the cirrhosis is my research of my trade offs) 

The economic decision that Power, Control, Freedom, etc... over the collective use of resources is the reality we exist in. We're born to circumstances where we maybe luckier or less lucky than most. 

If people believe mental and physical health are rights - vote or participate in the governance changes to make it so - but in the end of the day why Stigmatize not getting proper care for the suffering? Any care is better than none. So what if the person depends on their community, placebos, life-style changes, etc... for a mental or physical issue. 

the problem is stigmatizing the care people can afford. 

If society accepted a less than optimum care then more people will opt for the less optimum ... but what is optimum given BUDGET constraints? 

I know its tragic to die, to suffer mental health problems brought about by the circumstances of ones economic condition and reality - but I think its unnecessary suffering to give anyone a hard time about their choice of care. 

There is a particular movement of dignified death - letting people choose the terms by which their life will be short - I'm very biased to having the freedom to take a ton of morphine when my body cannot take it anymore. that sanity and lucidity are not possible due to pain. I watched my grandfather through his bloody bouts of sickness - a war hero crying in front of me and I was just in my early 20s as I saw blood go up his catheter. 

the underlying freedom that I'm biased to is the freedom from unnecessary suffering. 

I would be politically for COLLECTIVE resources pooled for the improvement of the dignity, rights, and living of people. I will vote in this way, I would financially support such movements, even considering the Free Riders and the Corruption that will occur is acceptable - and the outcome still more important. I dont mind the loss of freedoms and controls as Collective will limit some options. 

In the end of the day if I have the right to end the game in the way I want, material power is irrelevant to me. I think I've reached the limit of the amount of change I can make to myself to adapt, and change with no purpose is unnecessary suffering. 

Sadness is Followed by Change - painful change.