Remembering lolo's letters

 i tried to read my grandfather's letters - and he writes like this rambling on and on about virtue and human nature - I think i know where I got it from. 

Seeing him type in the house connected to ours. probably 20 words per minute with a hunt and peck method. Using the correction paint that has to dry, periodically licking his lips as he tries to think. His glasses resting low on his face and his stooped back over the religious essays he would write. It would be a hot afternoon after school when we arrive - he would be behind the typewriter. 

I didn't realize he was writing religious essays until mom had it all bound during one of the commemorative masses for him. His writing is like mine - rambling talking about grace and the holy spirit. 

I'm happy he didn't get sucked into Opus Dei Bullshit as much - that kind of theological garbage would have been more dangerous to one's mental health - hidden is a kind of Prosperity Gospel that is absent of any Empathy. I bet if he discovered more empathic works from secular sources his scholarly mind would have found more peace he would be able to relate to us more. 

Lola would be across him sewing. 

The thing about grand parents is when you become grandparents no one else remains to remember your grandparents.