Common themes across so many cultures

 When third worlds counties develop, when huge groups of people are able to afford stability, educations, and technology - you have these people who recontextualize their background - they are now able to better communicate the abuse, injustice, right and wrong they endured.  What's interesting is that a few people per village or barangay or tribe - moving to a new job or opening a business or scaling up a small enterprise or staying home to server a larger amount of customers from their small biz  But these new group of people who have access to education, technology, and opportunities all discover each other in the other side - and tell stories of similar background - their kids are made to remember who they were or its left a big blank in their background.  Every generations or eras development comes with a unique and uncomfortable story of exploitation and struggle - the similar story of one generation changes every year.  Imagine one or two cultures that monopolized the definition of success and normal - be broken up by so many peoples from south America, Africa Middle East, South Asia and Asia of what the struggle was - and finding common ground through technology and education.  I will learn not just the struggle of my own people but that of SEA and proceed to learn more and more about how much we are like those in other people's.  Our sense of good and bad, right and wrong is not made through the lense of One Culture but the many ways things are expressed in many cultures and circumstances.  To be ethnocentric or the definition of "cultured" or people minded changed when I know the context of so many different cultural views and makes sense of the people around us.   What will the world be like when so much has played out in many different cultures and many different peoples - so much history of a pandemic and how some cultures values are shaped by it and economic development. What common themes will emerge?