Magic the gathering Addiction

 I remember when booster packs cost 50php and 100php in magic and l5r.
Never being able to assemble a deck without starving for lunch and living on gravy and rice.
Mtga is finally being able to assemble a decent deck and finally win for once.
Being the poor deck in the entire class and never having a win.
No surprise mtga was addicting.
Not as addicting as L5r where I was handed a tournament winning Honor Lion Deck that stood a chance. Spent much more on L5r though.
One of the weak areas was learning to use counter and control spells - because it was all about context - do I counter this spell or that one. What sets back the opponent most effectively.
So I'm uninstall ing it, still I enjoyed knowing how it feels to win by being smart about my hand and although I lost more than I won at least I learned so much: rules writing, mechanics design, and behavior. 

 Add me to the statistic where cards were stolen.