Our genetic limitations

When ever I watch my son play mtgA I remember my problems which is exactly his problems. Unlike him I wanted to hang out with friends and I wanted to play. So I kinda wanted to be good at mtg. I still remember buying packs with my brothers in Virra mall. Its nice that there are bots to practice against and work out even my flaws and my limited understanding of the rules.  One of the things I learned is my attention limits - really my son and I cannot plan. We have no attention for it. My planning is all ruminating on mistakes and creating an emotional response. Emotional breaks that make me stop to think and conditional response to see things in PDCA and other such processes.   That my kids and probably their kids cannot plan and purely reactionary. Reactionary humans are not as useful now as in primitive times. With information overload there are humans not built for this.  The advantage of such limited attention is the awareness to modify long term memory and conditioned responses.  That sucks I was great at sports and reflex based activities but pandemic wise my kids can't except fps games.