FB withdrawal, Xiaomi Band 6, Phone issues, could not breathe

 This is my 3rd attempt to Quit FB, I Made a calendar recurring event. What is different is that

1) I'm keeping messenger and accepted that I want to keep in touch with my friends.

2) that I will use my blog to share instead of social media posts.

I got a xiaomi band 6, gave my xiaomi band 5 to my son ever since he had a bad head ache from a work out with his coach (zoom), and consider getting a xiaomi watch in the future which is worth 50usd instead of the 200usd of fitbit and it syncs to Google. This is because of the oxymeter and my need for better biometric modeling.

My phone has been having serious issues, hanging and crashing has increased. I'm considering getting either a Samsung A32 with android 11, hopefully 12 by my birthday next year. OR getting a xiaomi Redmi 10 which has the same stats, bigger battery and 20% cheaper. 



I've been running everyday from 1-2.5km. I got a bit heavier because of the appetite at 168lbs and my back has been hurting more. 

I woke up at 4am because I could not breath. The xiaomi has a oxymeter which proved to me it was not imagination -  I had up to 96% oxygen. Had poor sleep. We are buying an Co detector and air quality measure.