Int, Status, and Managed Ignorance

 Ask a tradesman, IT, mechanic, Technical, doctor, biz analyst, nurse, Legal, scientist to solve the problem of another discipline 

Now Identify the knowledge needed by the professional to solve this problem but still using the framework of their discipline. 

The method of problem solving when controlling for the Area Specific Knowledge is what the Int/Edu stat would be. 

Imagine a concrete worker's problem solving broken down to discrete steps before the expert knowledge kicks in and the scientific method lies underneath. The Mental Framework of Science overlaps with Philosophical studies of Logic. 

the reason one would not be able to break up their abilities into more discrete steps is from Feedback, self reflection, the opportunity to have reflection, and  culture that accepts reflection and interest. 

When one is Weird (behavioral outlier), and aware they are weird and accepts they are weird - because social economic status doesn't make being weird a very damaging to survival. One is able to dive in and play with behavioral foundation and structure. But if one cannot afford to be different or weird, that conforming to an expectation is survival then being able to experiment with behavioral traits is costly. 

sorry I was seeing how Jokoy made a very Filipino archetype - so predictable and accurate how he was able to portray every "uncle manny" the jokes success is how unerringly behavioral patterns became same enough that everyone knows "that guy". 

The ability to change or to change behavior is a social-economic opportunity. Its easier in a different economic class but more necessary the poorer class. But once there is an equilibrium of change and survival then it the incentives change. 

I hate that when I get more interested in stuff I get more distracted, like watching a lot of nuclear reactor videos - that when I watch venture brothers season 7 i completely forgot i already watched this yet I'm seeing it like brand new. that there is only so much we can hold and that Minimalist mental clutter is essential but that is "managed ignorance" - managed ignorance makes me realize i will always be an asshole in some way. The younger one is the less likely they hit that Wall where they can completely forget the life they had before, that makes one aware that we can only carry so much. 

I had an Anki session where I forgot so much about PMBOK I'm like "whats happening?"  I reviewed this last month, I should still know this. How do doctors and lawyers manage this? 

what is finite is the ability to re-activate the Memory and Knowledge. And only re-activated/practiced knowledge is KEPT. Making peace with what knowledge I cannot maintain. 

Imagining a Supercomputer human brain able to relive every experience instantly without any time lost. I cannot just store the memory - the memory is like a Database Query - Very NEW situation makes a Query about our past "Did you encounter this before?" Even the ERror Logs can be HUGE!!! We are slow in the uncertain situations because we are triggering error logs - nothing coming up but when things are coming up the memory we create is lower in bytes because of the lack of errors. The newer the uncertain the experience the more error logs - more ways this experience did not fit our conceived notions - we consume more time as we process all the iterations. 

We are not a supercomputer, our flashbacks and distractions makes us come back to reality with LOST TIME. I write these posts and out of my REverie I come back to have lost 1-4 hours.  To ignore this habit is to repeat my mistakes.