Mtga withdrawal

 One of the reasons mtga got addicting is proving to myself that I was poor in time to play and cards and not intelligence.
I know I'd don't need to prove my intelligence, it's just that growing up and losing so many magic card games experiencing losses when the app automatically adjudicated the rules clarified.
Designing a deck was fun and testing it against sparky the bot was something I could never do well on my own.
Although it taught me so much, like how the rng of the game was the cards and we played with assymetric information.
I could finally learn the nuance of a control deck!!! How counterspelling was about nuance of watching his land and guess his hand.
The token tracking and the bonus tracking was automated and I could check against my understanding of the rules.
I loved checking how the programmers set it up to interpret the rules.
I liked watching broken combos played out with a computer, without human intervention of common sense.
The wording of the mechanics reminded me of long rules arguments which I forgot was about but emphasized a particular way of wording for me.
The difference of writing a system and thinking how it will play out vs seeing it play out according to the program.

The first in and last out of interrupting spells was very revealing. I know I could never play this game again with just the cards without the app.