Fixing my Sleep

So my sleep has improved because of a nasal steroid spray. Nasal irrigation, using a saline solution didn't work and made it worse. I don't know how the Steroid Spray works and I need to Google it to better understand why I can now breathe at night before going to sleep. 

I still suffer some sleep problems, I get suddenly sleepy after dinner. It could be because of my fasting where I don't eat between lunch to 7pm and only eat lunch and dinner with no snacks in between - except for coffee to mitigate caffeine withdrawal. 

Sudden early evening sleepiness 
If I power through that I enter a Zoned out mode where I cannot control my media consumption and lost most of my self control. 
I tried sleeping earlier than my 2am sleeping time. I tried using that sudden sleepiness and canceled doing my Game writing last night. 
I could not tell if I was asleep because I was sensitive to most everything happening but could not sense the rate of time passing. 

I need to manage my Social Media but all my friends can only react and watch my fb feed. It makes sense why would they switch platforms to check on other people. One platform for all social and information posts is what makes social media so dangerous and habit forming. 
A blog or a Content Aggregator would be ideal. 
What if there was a Content Aggregator that organized all the Data into Threads regardless of source. You determined the algorithm. It would have a Thread/Topic and the discussion would be arrange based on Trees and Timeline. People can react and reply from their blog, if their blog is linking the original post or last response. 
Descentralized Social Media. I can follow Facebook Feeds and Mewe feeds but I don't have to react or respond on those feeds but respond in my blogs and my controlled content. 

I Realize I should be Journaling more. Putting more of my thoughts here more often.