Hacking my Attention: gratitude, hope, love and passions.

I have a hypothesis we are still that kid that is really affected by negative emotions and setbacks. 

That everyone wakes up with negative emotions every day. 

It's just that our hearts and minds are filled with more love, positive things to look forward to, hope, gratitude that the negative emotions are so TINY in comparison. 

When I think of my parents, grandparents and the future of my kids and their kids - that we are all still who we believe we are when we were vulnerable growing up - that we are still that vulnerable being throughout our lives as we are in our Physical Best till we gain wisdom, and till we fade away with only life and love remaining. 

That it is the amount of attention we can give to things that drag us down that diminishes - we don't "grow Stronger or tougher" We just out grow it all.   

Would I have the time to dwell in the darkness with so much love? 

I know its an Attention hack - but with people wishing others to be happy - If it makes people happy to occupy their life with relationships, and passions - why not? It doesn't Take from anyone (Its not zero sum; its win-win).