Random Thoughts Nov 18 2021

Freedom conflicting with Maximum Good
the callousness of freedom is giving people the freedom to do what is against their own self interest. Its even more callous and dangerous when one doesn't recognize when their Freedoms infringe on the safety and freedoms of others. 

the audacity of control and authority is to believe they know what is best for people. That they need to control and decide to reduce the harm for all.

Belief in Goodness
the belief in goodness, that good will prevail is so essential because its scary to bring into the world people who we will leave behind. if we don't believe in goodness prevailing that means we will leave them behind to figure out a compromise where they are just not on the bottom. 
as a history buff the progress we have made - is remarkable given that it was such an impossible dream depending how far we look back in history. 
Why is it seen so impossible build a country that is not corrupt, that its honest, able to deal with nuance, able to give security without taking away rights, - why does it have to be the lesser of the evils? 
a change before our eyes in the poor, women's, lgbt, handicapped, etc...  rights happens - (why gratefulness allows us to appreciate the small wins that add up to the great changes). 
Why give in to the hopelessness when our loved ones are at stake? 
A friend was clarifying the difference between a Realist and a Cynic - i am reminded how often this is mixed up. As well as the Probablity Bias - just because it looks like X in my clique doesn't mean its X. 
I do not know what the future hold. Even I've put on my PM, Game Theory, and probability hat. I just know I do not know - and I act to ensure a hopeful future.

Emotional Labor Cost
What do you do when staff has high emotional labor cost? The staff has a lot of fears to address, more than one can manage?

If one cannot afford the social worker or professional that will perform the emotional labor?

Should company's pay for the services that manage the emotional labor of their employees? How does one bridge these needs with productivity?

We are Still Fragile
I have a hypothesis we are still that kid that is really affected by negative emotions and set backs. 
That everyone wakes up with negative emotions everyday. 
Its just that our hearts and minds are filled with more love, positive things to look forward to, hope, gratitude that the negative emotions are so TINY in comparison. 
When I think of my parents, grand parents and the future of my kids and their kids - that we are all still who we believe we are when we were vulnerable growing up - that we are still that vulnerable being through out our lives as we are in our Physical Best till we gain wisdom, and till we fade away with only life and love remaining. 
That it is the amount of Attention we can give to things that drag us down that diminishes - we don't "grow Stronger or tougher" We just out grow it all.

I learned something upsetting and already got a proctalgia fugax reaction - I know I swallowed my bad feelings and didn't process it. And yet my body knows I'm upset and made me know by giving me this pain.