Saying No a lot

offer me a good steak, and even if I'm full and dieting ill most likely not turn it down. Especially when it will go to waste, my post rationalization of this is complicated with my other values. 

Its really my avoidance of temptation that really manages everything - not just food but games, great shows, etc...  the person working out, being kind, toiling, etc... theyre there probably to avoid temptations. 

It may sound a bit miserable but thats the thing about the human brain - particularly dopaine (the nostalgia neurological reaction) where something EXPECTED and POSITIVE as an outcome allows humans to enjoy toiling and discomfort. This is why someone who makes tiime for what really matters in that tiny world can live such a full and loving life. 

The very neurological reaction that makes mediocre childhood experiences so treasured is not just a MARKETING exploit (Nostalgia strategy) but a neurological process that allow us to GROW and develop. 

I imagine many good people who say no alot are like this. They want to make time for those that matter to them the most in a world where there are always growing amount of options. 

When marketing exploits nostalgia - old games, shows, times with friends, etc... its exploiting that process that allows us to gain pleasure from an EXPECTATION.