Social Eating and Diet

body transformations - particularly successful health management - is that considered bio-hacking? (like friends who've struggled with their health and got healthier) 

One of the things I took away from health management is being able to listen to ones body and the many competing urges and voices. The MANY tiny compromises and negotiations that add up. Its pretty hard - especially when you have a condition - a particularlty difficult condition. 

Why is it such a stigma to be healthier (when your definition of healthier is not the same as marketing)- which ever form the healthier is? Ive known and understood people who are not the conventional expectation of healthy but are much healthier and happier. particularly the actions they take to be healthier are no small feat. 

With this season and relaxing of social gathering - responsible social gathering leads to social eating. and this leads to so much complication. 

I've avoided a lot of my hereditary disposition because of my antisocial behavior avoiding social eating. its sucks that if we are going to have social gathering the person who diets but loves food are in a difficult position to control. 

Its messed up - fasting hurts, but hurts good, and hurts good in the long run as certain bodily functions work better with less material being processed and overloading the capacity of a much slowed metabolism. But food - and company and food and company are awesome together. its a love language but it has a cost. Sometimes its not enough to hang out and thats such a weird thing in the time of the Pandemic where every client believes they can call you anytime and you actually LOSE MORE TIME. that hanging out - just the time and attention is love language. 

and depending on the circles one juggles there are going to be a lot of social gatherings. 

I'm thinking I'm going to probably have to cut my portions more for this season. to allow for the huge bumps (Physical and scheduled lolz). Its easy to follow a routine - a habit that counteracts the bad habits. but in irregularity or seasonality we have to figure out a temporary strategy. 

I hate wasting leftovers. Its sucks to eat out of a sense of duty to not waste food something that is not making one happy, only to feel cheated because your body is going "why did you fill me with that when I wanted something else" 

It makes me think gifting SPAM (expensive instant) is not bad - its consumable, expensive, a guitly pleasure, its an excuse to eat spam (or any comfort food). same can be said abotu the 50+ php instant (like 100-300php instant noodles; guilty pleasure but can be eaten in ones chosen time). 

its funny growing up in the generation that had to worry about food on the table, and portion control achieves a low use/footprint lifestyle.