Himeno's death is looping in my head.

My personality is dependent on the amount of biological wastes in my brain

Maybe I should give my 6 years of Chinese Spaced Repetition?

you never grow out of being a suicidal teen

Lost time

The Dark Timeline - the Philippines will grow but the cost will be born by migrants

Thesis: Much of the "Innovation" is getting away with Employee Abuse.

Burn it Down and make it New VS Fix/Correct what is Broken

Burned out August 22 2022

Sanity - our brain cannot juggle repeated misinformation vs harder facts

Following Flawed People - makes me more accountable

Terribly Sad with the Result of the Election

Happy and Loved while Terribly Sad

Do my Job for me - when my son hates my sermons

The Golden Rule - the foundation of most self examination

How my brain will be patched as I age.

What happened today: I could not answer well enough.

replaying conversations - slowly reordering what I should value?

Personal Truths - non-zero Sum thinking

Growing up being called sensitive and weak

Attention - who we think we are and modifying who we think we are

changing life helps manage risk.

Downgraded my Globe-Phone Line and back to Free in Roll20

Pinoy man's reflections

Dream Log Feb 14 2022 - soldiering

Thesis: my challenges in changing for the better.

In Sadness - more Personal Growth and Development

Tragedy and Doom as a probability and not a certainty.

Meditations I've Encountered and Read about

When people want to change my mind but wont listen to me.

so much relentless pressure to vote for BBM today

Laws and Punishments: Philippines Omicron