Laws and Punishments: Philippines Omicron

 So the girl who was caught escaping her 5 day quarantine to party and spread omicron was quite interesting. They were doxing her and the people she partied with. Even if you didnt know her name, her name was appearing in predictive search already. 

Then there was the call for punishing her severely and of course doxing her which leads to a mob punishing her, in addition to what the law will execute. 

So I cant help but think of how punishment is different from person to person, and how the judgement changes with context. If it was your daughter, yourself, or people you despised, or people you pittied. 

I feel like the context is - How everyone behaves in Aggregsate, then how it affects the individual, how it affects everyone the individual affected, and how it affects society. Then ask the question what is "better for all"?  What is better for all is a set of Laws and Punishments that prevent the undersired behavior? But how do people see their reactions and encounter the context? 

Its like someone asking me about something very complex and I know that to decide has some costly consequences and I withold judgement. Witholding judgement as the default is probably what everyone does but the louder group are those who react with very little information and context. If we react without any information does that mean we are Insecure or in a bad place? 

 If we react without any information does that mean we are Insecure or in a bad place? 

When something is complex and there is a lot of missing information what would be the default reaction? If we tested humans in aggregate what kind of informatioin would be revealed? would it be the fear of uncertainty forcing an answer with incomplete information? 

I catch that about myself - "Why am I rushing to judge something?" at the same time I am aware that some has sufficient infromation and yet no action is taken. Then i look for the game theory about it - "what is everyone else saying and what factors are missing - now that this information is present and the reasonable answer is delayed." 

There is the me that behaves a certain way, and there is that me that is watching the behavior and realizes what I am feeling based on the behavior. Its one of those things in Philosophy of the Mind - where we dont really have control. That two-mind problem when the brain hemispheres are cut and two parts of the body seem to have two different personalities kinda illustrate this phenomenon.  

Mindfulness and CBT techniques emphasizing - how to get back control and manage these all. 

What is optimal for all is a systemt hat allows for better outcomes and people to be able to establish controls for themselves. A system that catches the externalities and damage the behavior causes and minimizes these.