Attention - who we think we are and modifying who we think we are

 being born near the change of decades it makes me able to observe the differences between friends 5-10 years my age difference older or younger. The thing about gaming growing up was that it was so few of us our friends were diverse in age. 

Whats interesting is how we consume knowledge and talking to my son how differently I consumed knowledge to my older friends and how my younger friends also are different from me. and how different he consumes knowledge from me. 

Looking at the EARLY crash course episodes and its structure are for people born 2000s vs the structure now at kids born in 2010s and then the competition for Attention between Youtube and Tiktok - with tiktok and twitter having the shortest amount of data - with the smallest amount of context being so dangerous and yet strongest attention draw. 

my kids are 5 years apart so its an interesting observation of difference in technology and access. as well as they are born when we had a different set of financial conditions. 

As i wrestle with my sons attention and temperment like any parent - I wonder if I can make him imagine this playing out with his kids. Making our kids imagine every Parent-Child interaction from that of our Parents and Their Parents vs the Present and them and their kids is one of the more interesting Empathy Exercises and Imagination Exercises. 

The Battle for Attention is so scary since it is a DECISION of what "personality" we "Load" into our "RAM". Who we think we are when we decide in the day based on the context. When a child has far less working memory than an adult - making them rely on their route and long term memory through conditioned behavior until their Working memory fully develops and they can draw more and more context from situations. 

my framing techniques and socratic ones are in effective (even with adults) it is waking up everyday only to find my communication skills inadequate for the other party to understand a WIN-WIN. There is SO MUCH internal motivation that puts the INERTIA of attention and mindset to misunderstand my communication. The temptation for POWER or pure authoritative power is always there - the more ATTENTION STARVED society is the less likely we can communicate a WIN-WIN scenario. 

One of the weirdest things about my sons behavior is when I ask "Why do you think I or your mom would do that - cite a specific instance where we behaved this way when this happpened" I know its weird to ask that but i realized this when ever I am uncertain how someone would behave - "Why did I think this person would behave this way when I approach them with this?" the words in the lecture Philosophy of the Mind by professor patrick grim bothered me with the "identification of emotion" exercise - a similar exercise like visual illusions that revealed the blind spots in our eyes and color context hacks of our brain. 

the exercise was asking "How do we think we learned to identify hunger?" "How did we learn to identify anger?" and then I realized that "crap - someone outside of me is guessing my emotions and telling me I feel this way - like a doctor only figuring it out by observing my symptoms through trial and error --- but no way to check if it is wrong." basically every feeling is not just different from the other person - we react differently - we are angry and sad differently from other people and other people are such as well (we cannot assume their anger is the same as our anger). This opens up a TOOLSET and a can of worms that teaches us to "I dont know what exactly I'm feeling right now but lets observe it and see how it works?" and thus we learn more about ourselves and can better troubleshoot ourselves. We are better at internal diagnositics and walking away from problem sources and picking our battles and dealing with our Backlog of emotions and problems. Of course Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional intelligence, and Mindfulness are the toolsets needed to start whittling away this huge Emotional Backlog. 

But I'm asking a Rasberry Pi B to load something more appropriate for a Desktop hoping some kind of "machine learning" would make the input produce the target output through training.