Dream Log Feb 14 2022 - soldiering

Dreamed I was some conscripted soldier in a game. It was a game because there was a replay element but I wasn't aware of the players decisions. There was a lot of sub plots and actions to take. 
One of the actions were to befriend the other soldiers. 
What was strange about the dream was I was carrying a heavy load out, which is contrary to me and my capabilities now. I could back before my injury in 2016 but after the injury I stopped carrying a heavy load out. By heavy my 30lbs load out went to about 15lbs - this doesn't count my rifle. So it felt like it was a game and not me and how I really play in airsoft. 
It was weird because I had a medicine regiment like I have these days - a lot of things to take per day - my steroid inhaler + hepa meds (anti viral) - I don't know the meds it's just that I have to keep them with me and monitor the supplies. 
I know I wouldn't cut it as a soldier because of my weak immune system and problems sleeping. I could probably do the Physical Training in my 20s but my recovery rate in my 30s and now 40s is very different. 
Events in the dream were snow, which I've never experienced - only the when it's done and ugly. A break in we had to stop. Perimeter guarding. A bear attack. Gathering information about another plot. 

I had a bad sleep because I can remember the dream.