In Sadness - more Personal Growth and Development

I realized that in the election season of the philippines emotions run high and people's character emerges out of the stress. One of the most disappointing elements of this is the loaded questions which are meant to be "Gotcha" moments. 

Do friends normally have Gotcha moments? Dont friends typically become friends because they say what they really thinking knowing that they will be listened to? 

So it made me thinking - am I posing Gotcha moments by making loaded questions? 

if I frame my research and thesis as a question am I trying to be immune to "gotcha" moments or its because I know the person will not give me the benefit of the doubt like I do them. 

I realize that to tolerate intolerance makes for more intolerance - to be willing to accept their difference, allows them to single me out and to be intolerant of my views. 

All I can expect from this realization is my own personal growth - nothing else will come out of this except learning something sad about people and having to accept it. 

There is no "Epic Level" - there is just so many memories that make me sad that it makes me grateful of what i have and the moments i spend with my loved ones. 

If my kids were to take any more lessons from me it is this. - you grow in your capacity to accept difficult facts and knowledge not by denying them and ignoring them - but accepting them and having a strategy to deal with them.