Meditations I've Encountered and Read about

My definition of meditation is when I'm in a demanding mental processor that I have to focus on doing this mental process. 

 types of meditations I've encountered. 

1) minor rest, the chance to the center or to orient. 5-10 mins

2) untangle mental technical debt or issues that needs to be handled 15-30mins. Allowing the mind to wander where it will go but more focusing on a centering action - breathing, counting, audio facilitation.  

3) Processing ruminations 30+ minutes  Losing a sense of time doing this. the outcome is quieting any recurring sources of mental flashbacks or core memories. This is like Self-Talk but its playing back memories and trains fo thought over and over again. typically its something traumatic that our brain just can't processes and these has to reprocess it until there is some catharsis or conclusion to be had. 

4) Task meditation or being in the zone or flow. Just forgetting everything else being only engaged with the task. When I've achieved this are in GMing, Airsoft Game, a good Run, and Insurgency-First-person-shooter. Its when time slows down, I can intuitively predict the next action and reaction.   I am just watching myself move without much thought about the action. I feel like I'm reacting but with complex multi-step responses. 

5) Self-hypnosis or Badgering or Denial. basically trying to convince oneself of something - this is one of the most common kinds of meditations I've done growing up. 

6) Self Talk. like the ruminations but just using Socratic techniques - particularly techniques teach to ask harder and harder questions to answer. getting ourselves to answer and taste/feel the authenticity of our answer.   The only difference with rumination is that I am able to Verbalize the thoughts - constructing some full ideas and sentences. Rumination tends to be more abstract and moments that keep playing out over and over again. 

Types of Meditations I've read but never really have done or came close to. 

1) Identity rebuilding. The multi-hour meditation I've read about used by monks and people who are said to be able to be "very present" - the traits exhibited is a high sincerity and strong follow-through. A lot of patience and the ability to tolerate emotional stress. 

These abilities have a limit of course - in the amount of stress and duration and that it requires daily meditation conditioning. 

I'm not sure whats happening but whatever their doing MRI and CT scans say their brain activity is very much outside the norm. 

2) sleep substitution. There is a form of meditation that can be done while Running or a Mindful chore that substitutes for sleep. A very rare type of Meditation that I've only found little evidence and people able to do it. All others are way more common and this is extremely rare but this is also a trope in TRPGs. by the Late Ronald D. Siegel by Jason M. Satterfield, Ph.D.