so much relentless pressure to vote for BBM today

I admit I'm going to vote for Leni because of how she reminds me of the hardworking women and my life and her value of systems and processes.

Unfortunately, I'm getting relentless pressure to vote for BBM. This is stressing me out.

1st reason I won't vote for him - his benefits and the perpetuation of misinformation on martial law - which is very well documented and has tangible victims.
2nd he really pales in emotional intelligence, system, and administrative capabilities in my preference candidate Leni.

Most arguments are saying "she looks stupid" "she's an awkward mom" etc...

and yet my 1st reason is never addressed. Someone will argue with me the merits of Martial Law. this NON APOLOGY 
“Will I say sorry for the thousands and thousands of kilometers [of roads] that were built? Will I say sorry for the agricultural policy that brought us to self-sufficiency in rice? Will I say sorry for the power generation? Will I say sorry for the highest literacy rate in Asia? What am I to say sorry about?”
With Such people able to Not care about the Victims - of course why should anyone care about me or anyone else. As they can sweep this under the rug - so shall my family and loved ones fates be. 

To want justice is to want it for my family when the time comes. 

The cognitive Dissonance hurts so much.
  1. That stealing billions (net present value) of USD from an economy can be done without any systematic harm.,economy%20in%20the%20early%201980s. 
  2. That being asian where The sins of the father or the family cannot fall into the children, but the children can PROFIT from it. 
  3. That the martial law victims and abuses have been served? that justice has been served? when we still have ongoing cases. 
  4. That he couldn't even show is Statement of Assets and Liabilities which other Candidates were able to. 
  5. That he was caught using bots and he spent 0M on FB adds, yet yet 
I'm not trying to convince anyone to vote for Leni. 
These are my reasons. 
Whats unfair is that I get harassed this but when I provide a researched and linked counter argument they just try and try again. Its grasping straws - its trying to hard. 
Just consider me "close minded" and move on. Just brand me what ever will make you sleep at night and move on. Consider me sheeple. I am - I am. 

What ever genius you have definitely exceeds mine. I am a self admitted idiot. Don't argue with an idiot. I'll bring you down to my level and beat you in experience. 

Dont stress me out anymore. PLease - enjoy your believe - it doesn't have to fit mine.