Thesis: my challenges in changing for the better.

what is sadder than being unable to know one's faults, biases, and problems? What improvement can we pursue if we don't know such? 

ask anyone they are quick to say they are not perfect and shift the argument to perfection. But its not even about perfection - but the pursuit to be kinder, generous, empathic, compassionate, understanding, knowledgable, and to allow others to pursue the same. 

gamers who count scores and metrics feel incomplete without the measure of where they are in their current situation. Even if the odds are stacked against them. Even the tiniest metric is hope - to break from the trap of powerlessness, hopelessness, apathy, and stagnation. 

celebrate any progress, we are alive and fighting. we may be quiet but have not given up. we may be sad and in a bad place but still believe in helping.  

 i think of my many challenges where I'm stuck and even if I'm not figuring out the next level, how to beat the current problems and challenges I know more than yesterday and have one more datapoint. 

to give up, its not giving up if we reconsider our assets and resources. retreating and rallying is not giving up. setbacks happen more than the wins. its all a learning curve.