Tragedy and Doom as a probability and not a certainty.

 one of the storytelling dichotomies of the good guy choosing mercy - and that mercy leads to more suffering kinda forget that its a range of probability and that it doesn't mean the character will be idle. 

I realize that the character that choose mercy may do nothing after, or rebuild. This is usually the case in stories where good guy can choose to destroy the bad guy. Creating a cycle of destruction. Its all probability. its all possible. 

With uncertainty - is only the known values if the character will not be idle or try to work on it. As well as what will emerge after that chapter is never a prefect prediction. 

I hate that part of stories. Where it tries to perfectly predict. In a TRPG where so much is improvised and nothing is what it appears - Why is the DOOM "Perfectly predictable?" of all the uncertainty PCs encounter why is something sure to work? 

One of the sources of agency that is a two sided coin is Risk. in Quality Management risk is both an opportunity and a problem. Even in an engineering discipline, not just in a Philosophical or Epistemological study Risk has the potential to be a bad thing or a good thing. 

To gain a Skill is RISK, to adapt is risk, to change is a risk, to decide is risk, etc... I guess that's the difference between the open adaptable mindset - one sees risks and problems and can find satisfaction/catharsis in the journey while the other needs the reward. 

One of the things I'm afraid of by paying my son to study and work out is that he never learns to enjoy the journey. 

Last night he was marveling at how many dice I have. counting a hundred seventy-six, including unpacked dice. Yet he doesn't see that the dice is an adventure to me. That I grew up with the conditioning of taking a chance and rolling over and over again, dealing with failure. I asked him why do you think gamers like his dad hoard dice? (not counting all the dice we lost over time). Is the hobby - our relationship with failure, success, risk, and opportunity different from other people? Do we see something enjoyable in failure? Do we roll the dice and cant wait to move to the next scene and level? 

Currently paying my son 10php/0.2 USD to do 100pts of Khan Academy and 1Km Run. I also give him 1 hour of computer time for a significant milestone.