When people want to change my mind but wont listen to me.

 I realized talking to people who want to change my mind, but when I explain my position and they don't want to factor in my reasons. They fail to empathize and thus expose their motives: They want to manipulate me instead of understanding me - makes me see a side of people that stresses me out. 
Wanting to influence other people without reciprocation is something I don't want to see - even if I know it exists. Transaction for exchange of services or Trade has to be beneficial. Reciprocation is how I believe this works. I will listen to another person and believe some or understand their truth. 

One of my fundamental beliefs: we are changed by Trade, by Transactions. The people we transact with are humanized and we are humanized to them. But when I realize I'm just a disposable commodity to them - I realize it becomes a one-way transaction I have to limit our transactions for my mental health. 

My imagination and exposure to Psychopaths means that I cannot trust such people. 

Yesterday I took a beating of that. 

And realizing this I have to leave FB for a while. 

I guess this is the vulnerability I've worried about as I try to be more sensitive and understanding of others. 

One of the things I realized in the Transactions is "No one cares"

I mean there is this compartmentalized blind area where their ability to have compassion creates. There are internal forces that incentivize and motivate a particular world view that dehumanizes and disco. 

While I agree. What I care doesn't matter. Its reciprocal. what they care about - Power - doesn't matter to me.