Growing up being called sensitive and weak

A generation of children more sensitive

to the pain of others and of society, 

we protect them and raise them so they don't have to "tough it out" 

we shouldn't be surprised when they are more sensitive to nuance we don't recognize. We raised them to be more attuned to things we only learned by ourselves and without guidance. 

We taught them, we had to learn with trial and error 

Their compassion and capacity will exceed us, 

we shouldn't be surprised when they detect our hypocrisies and negative traits. We shouldn't be surprised they will call us out on it if we raised them to be strong and to love - even at the risk of getting hurt. 

We grew up with our sensitivity and ability to see injustice as being called weak. When they push the boundaries we should not forget that's why we raised them that way. 

Anyway by the time they are able to act - its their world not hours. When they are able to CHANGE and we have problems changing - its Their world, and their kid's world. It's the world of the next generation. 

I'm enjoying the sleep overs, hugging me when i sleep and being able to hug them since they are not too old for hugs. I enjoy them seeing me as the best adult they know. I enjoy being able to say my flaws and point out - dad is not perfect, when your a parent so will you, and so will every generation after and we shouldn't believe we have to be. That perfect is the enemy of good and we can always learn and adapt. That i would be in a HAZE and they will be grown up and I cannot fathom the time that was lost when they were small and beside us and we are unable to sleep to take care of them. 

They will have ideas of the world so strong that we can never impart our experience to them. that they will figure it out and make all the same mistakes. That by the time they are thundering at a thousand thoughts a minute we are struggling to hold on to one. 

And the cycle will begin again - and their children with their exploring will never know us, our parents, and grand parents in the amount of the world they will have to learn. They will also be unable to tell the stories of where they came from and who their parents were. They will constantly move forward as generations never know us. Generations that never knew each other over and over again. Like an organism without any memory of the past. 

in the hundreds and thousands of generations, there were families that a whole universe between two generation before time passed and it life renewed itself. 

That in the thousands of years of humans there was always a time there was a family - whose universe was just handful of people. There values may have been very different - life and survival more brutal and callous - but there existed a connection - that we can only trace through genetics but everything else is forgotten and unknowable. 

If I can love an ancestor or descendant thousands of generations removed despite all the differences in values and circumstance, what more another human.