Personal Truths - non-zero Sum thinking

 I had a long discussion with my son. He got frustrated getting corrected. I told him what ever he feels is true, even if its not true to other people. Still he finds that he has to be right or to hold a point of view that is "More right" that other people. 

Objective doesnt have to be zero sum, that there is One Point of truth. We can collect data about an event or fact only to have just many contradictions of data. We merely, as humans, work with either:

1) What most the data says - like the plots of a "scatter diagram" indicating a "Line", 

2) Or work with the Data that is Comprehensible - Modeling data that its easy to communicate and understand, but sacrifices precision and takes on abstraction for ease of understanding. 

That everyone around me has their own view of the world, and they are all true, and so is mine. 

The problem lies in - when they or I think their truth matters more than the SUM of all truths or the existance of all other truths. 

This is where empiricism kinda overlaps with subjectivity and personal truth. That even in an experiment so much data can mean anything and its in the depth of so much context do we get a hypotheisis that gets stronger as it becomes more predictive and useful That the hypothesis is useful until its not anymore.

That the UNCERTAINTY inherent in existence is not terrible or not so bad, that its a bug and a feature. that the multiple perspectives that can be taken in reality allows for more possibilities if taken as a Feature and not a Bug. 

I want my kids to be happy not from Being RIGHT, but being to empathize the truth of others. That the most real thing are their personal truths and that love is that personal truth that is powerful.