Happy and Loved while Terribly Sad

 I feel both simultaneously - my projects are having a serious setback and facing overwhelming uncertainty. Ive called a meeting and raised public and recorded call for commitments for implementing our ERP as well juggling the complexity of having to explain key technical limitations why our methods are as follows. 

My depression at work has lead me to play more often Computer Games (Mechwarrior ONline) with my team when I promised I would not play till my book is published. I just dont have the will power and I want to have some affirmation of my abilities. 

At the same time, my family has been very loving and affectionate. Not just the "I love yous" but listening and understanding. Realizing that these would be moments that should last my lifetime but knowing my family history of dementia makes me wonder how can I remember these moments other than being distracted by these moments.