How my brain will be patched as I age.


observe a problem. 

basic 5Y and 5WH analysis. 

what core believes and behaviors would influence this a predisposition to this eventual action and outcome. 

Do I have these core beliefs. Do I have this disposition? Can my behavior be audited for that vulnerability or tedency? What are my control and corrective behavior, beliefs, and actions? 

Differentiation - how do I ensure I will avoid such. 

Abstraction - how may I spot these easier? What line of questioning was more effective? What behavioral traits are early/leading indicators? Recontextualization of past experience. 

slowing down of thinking and processes as more and more corrective behavior overload working memory. because we are all inherently a WIP depending on how much technical debt we began with, we pay the cost of our circumstance in processing power. Bad habits, beliefs and conditioning are the foundation over a layer of corrective overhread. 

The only way to corrective this with the least cost is cultivate a less damaged next generation. kids growing up with healthier habits, conditioning, and mindsets that make them less damaged and able to perform greater feats of problem solving because they will not have to pay the costly overhead of Baggage.