Terribly Sad with the Result of the Election

 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippine_drug_war?wprov=sfti1, unofficially there is estimated to be 30,000 casualties. Ideally a 3rd Party investigation can be done. 

I'm sad knowing that the Social Engineering machine is so powerful nothing can stop it. So sad that people like me who care and work - who keep a modest lifestyle have to fight to survive instead of bringing justice and working towards an inclusive growth. 

Im already able to witness corrupt govt deals and now these wont end. Kickbacks worth 80% of the project or paying 5x for IT infrastructure is now more encouraged than ever, as long as tribute is paid to people who will order others to look the other way. 

Martial Law history will be rewritten. 

How does it affect my kids? Well as long as they are well to do, middle class educated and skilled, they can offshore their skills and make a decent living here. They just have to tolerate the corruption - teach the things my dad taught me - giving bribes and using money to influence people Oh god - that sucks - I hated that skillset - its not disgust of something dirty - it breaks any process improvement that would have improved peoples lives. 

Sara will be president next, and the Marcoses second gen will inherit the Misinformation Machine now that they can further enrich themselves in the gov't. He will out do his father and create a class or Dynasty which we only saw in the Martial Law years when they pillaged the country. 

NGOs and Rights Groups do not have that MACHINE that exploits peoples mental health to be manipulated, it just worsens what is already fickle and dangerous. In the time of Climate Crisis and terrible food security. I guess people will spend more on nuisance suits to prevent from being the next casualty of misinformation - the way Maria Ressa was persecuted. 

As Hank Green put it I'm in a very BIG sadness gap. 

I still have my Open Source projects and my Scifi, but I feel terribly sad. I keep telling myself "Your middle class you wont feel as bad affected." 

To think SMNI (the Quibuloy Cult currently under investigation for Human Trafficking) is now a growing news source - a Fox news for the Philippines. When I thought no one will remember my grandfather and his generation and what they fought for - i didnt think it would include Edsa Revolution of my Parents. 

30M filipinos went out to suffer 1-12 hours of voting to say "We've decided who will rule" and a clear majority believe such terrible things. 

Difficult to Accept. 

Anyway i still dont want to talk to the BBM friends or relatives. I'll be civil but i cannot unsee their involvement in writing this part of our history. I will help where needed, but as Jim Carry very well put it, "not on my table." They have majority - they have the power, I'll let them do what they want to do. Surviving is the priority. 

I dont know what to expect, but my emotions know what will arise. Distancing from the people and the events and their actions is how I can survive without being reminded and sucked up by the loss. 

the BBM and Sara team just see as what ever they believe we are. I guess ultimately suckers for future scams and extortion. That depresses me, as I dont know if I can survive the next crisis. My health is not what it is, I've had this cough that hasnt gone away for the past two weeks. I wake up with worse muscle pains as blood circulation is worse and worse. 

I guess thats why i dont want to deal with them. THey've had a history of exploiting others, and I dont want to be exploited. 

 In my professional and human capacity - I believe justice and facts is necessary for a better system - but if this is not part of the available resources and circumstance the solution is what can be made with the materials on hand - not what is not available. The best solution is what can be done and not some theoretical.