Burn it Down and make it New VS Fix/Correct what is Broken

 In a broken system - the behavior of the participants makes them victims. Like in the elections - those who voted BBM and dont know better are victims. Dave Chappell had this as part of his standup about Apartheid. Applicable also to me-too movement.

What's interesting is that Dave proposes that people allow people to safely admit their participation to the broken system. The problem is that the other victims - those who lost more - want their pound of flesh. This is when Imperfect Allies are thrown Out of a movement and the movement requires SAINTS.

This "Clean Slate" method - is found in Gun Amnesty, In Organizations introducing corrective Policies, and in personal relationships - where we admit to behaving badly ONLY if the cost of CHANGE is less than the status quo (Perpetuating the Terrible System).

AM I the type that WANTS the pound of flesh over fixing a problem? to be fair I'm not the main victim in most social movements.

The Pound of Flesh. Those who want to destroy everything - scorched earth to FIX things. It reminds me of "Throwing Out the Broken Thing" instead of Repairing it. But instead of throwing out Broken things - its People.  

Does not being the Main Victim Disqualify my POV? Reminds me of a lot of Arguments by Authority.

At the same time I wonder - in the Cycle of the world that eventually we perpetuate a broken system - we are flawed humans only making better decisions in hindsight. Does scorched earth - discard/destroy everything and build anew - the best way?

So does that mean the next group that comes into power and is in their own bubble, they deserve to be destroyed and not repaired or corrected?

Right to Repair got me thinking about the Philosophies behind forgiveness and imperfection. Is anything beyond fixing or saving? Where one draws the line? To those who always keep themselves accountable and changeable - vs those who can never be reasoned with - should the changeable who made mistakes be grouped with those beyond reason or empathy?

Forgiveness as a Concept.
Particularly in light of Imperfect humans, Systems and Macro-Events that we have no control over, and Different Humans with different degrees of everything and many conditions.  It reminds me of Tolerance Levels. It reminds me of RUNWAY (how much room I have to try to change, how much reserve I have to try and experiment).