Burned out August 22 2022

So I think I took on too much work and burned myself out.  Symptoms are the following: 
  1. I cannot focus,  there are just too many things in a day to do.  Not just my work and my personal projects -  home projects that affect work like adding 2 more fiber lines in our unit 
  2. Sleeping around 1:30+ Losing control of my Attention as I get distracted gorging on distractions -  from the New Anime,  Mech Warrior Online,  and YouTube.  I need to cut anime and YouTube,  and make more of my projects make me feel better
  3. Something happened that I cannot sustain 10kph in the treadmill to finish 2km. I have to rely on 8kph and 4kph walking.  It started after the Pneumonia and Flu Vaccine and I failed to do 6km a week.  I need to get to 9km a week and it's affecting my sleep.  
  4. I need to have the Airfliters cleaned more often.  I'm having some allergy problems.