Sanity - our brain cannot juggle repeated misinformation vs harder facts

 I feel like I'm going crazy with my projects and their objectives. Something has given way and I wonder "why again can't we talk about problems in polite society." 

When audacious misinformation exists, why can't we talk about problems and work on them? Why is the algorithm and strong marketing campaigns able to over ride our ability connect with real people? 

Why is the repeated misinformation casting doubt on facts I constantly have to reinforce with experiments and tests? Why is the burden of proof on FACTS and not repeated misinformation? 

Why are they so powerful - why are they given so much power and yet squander it, enrich themselves, and neglect their duty to uplift others in society? 

Is our corruption so RICH and fulfilling that one can never run out of victims, lies, and wealth to steal? Arent we already paying for it in our day-to-day loss of sanity, in our inability to do what is right? 

i'm not even talking about certainty of what is right - just better than what we currently know