Thesis: Much of the "Innovation" is getting away with Employee Abuse.

The pattern I see, is that most innovation is companies finding better ways to exploit workers than making new technology and process improvement. 

  • 2 employee deaths and a viral video renew debate of China’s ‘996’ overwork culture

  • this is one of the many posts that are scammy in Applicants for Work Immersion in FB but this is found in also in the Engineering FB groups I joined (looking for contractors). 
    I ended up finding that there are A LOT of engineers that are looking for work. 

As one of the people working on Process Improvement in the company, I am able to find processes that can be improved. Patterns of behavior found in our Quality management System - Non-Conformity Reports and the many investigations. As a Table Top RPGamers who is into Behavioral Economics, Psychology, and Game Theory - understanding Cartel and Monopolies as well as my parents Peers and their desires I can see the INERTIA of just being Powerful enough to ignore problems OR exploit people. 

The OWNERS of an Organization have FINITE attention, and they will pursue the greatest yields and returns for their ATTENTION. They have a HUGE HAMMER, and everything is a NAIL. People have no autonomy under them and thus the HAMMER is the organization's Clout. 

Organizations become Inefficient as they grow bigger, more so when there is NO attention to NUANCE and solving Complex problems internally. Its like how we are with our own flaws - we try to ignore the hard ones - forgetting that we should be tackling them and we were just supposed to buy TIME and confidence to fix them. When our delaying Tactics are so effective.