Hyssop House. In Batangas

First vacation, thats outside the home, since the pandemic. In the Philippines the best month for vacation seems to be Feb because December has so many social obligations the time to be with just my family is this opportunity. I dont know if it will be the same by the time my kids are grown up, or it was like this when I was growing up. 

I see the house and can guess the value in 10-30M php. I can imagine the overhead, tens of thousands of pesos per month. This place has 3 care takers but about 2 large properties. We spent 10,000php per night (as much if we were to be in a decent hotel like Selena or resort). It’s savings since our nanny and cook came along and we just brought and cooked our own food. Food is easily 3,000php per meal for 6 of us. Bringing our own food makes the cost around 600php. 

It’s the first time Thea experienced a Beach. Niko hasn’t been in one ever since my wife was pregnant with Thea in a foggy memory of himself when he was 6. 

We walked around the public beach until the mangrove to the south. My son hated the garbage, my daughter loved the hermit crabs. Their age differences reminds me of how magical all things are at a certain age. Also my son got disgusted about the garbage. I tried to tell him, he hates it when I try to use these moments to put context, that we generate so much garbage and we have the capacity to fix it and still profit. 

Win win is a constant theme of my being a Dad and Gamer. My kids will have the science and technical skills we have, enough to change the world depending on how much leverage they have. 

I liked explaining to my son - to observe the beach. How some parts have no small stones and the others are dirty. Explaining to him how some clean their beach front while others can’t afford it. On a budget of 500,000php its possible to fabricate a Sand sifter. With 50% being the final cost and 50% is the development cost  (of which 10% is the labor for the FreeCAD and 40% is the various prototyping). Of the sand sifter I could probably hire one of the ME’s I’ve worked with, Abe, to design one, and we can build one in the plant. Or a good metal workshop, I honestly am curious what would a small workshop be like and if we can work with small workshops as they can help us when we have large orders (less profitable per unit sold but most important is the CAPACITY, being able to capture projects that big). 

My kids may not be science-y tinkerers and all the wealth of the family may be pissed away that I could not do more good. I seriously want the good natured people to have all the skills to Fix things. I want to shape more young people and patron/sponsor projects that cost 1/100-1000  of the good it can do (it can do x100 to x1000 the good I put in to it). 

I cant help but try to Guess like a emerging GPT-AI and learn what is the economic system of this region. I want to visit the old mills and study how they are broken down and what were the problems. My parents are a bit DIY, now at my generation I’v taken it into a new level - managing construction projects. I know the ingredients of an HVAC and some civil works projects. With the FreeCAD projects I’m now seeing what it takes to design some equipment from scratch. To think an AI will enhance the Ideation of fixing solutions. 

I wish I can spend 1-2 months just fixing my brain. Probably scaling down my work and just focusing on fixing my memory. Writing more. I guess the OJTs will end and I will be taking the break to heal. I can see how less productive I am as I get less able to juggle projects, but I’m able to close and fully plan more complex projects. I am sacrificing Ability and Potential and gaining experience.