Going to Taiwan Dec 16 2023

This is our first trip since 2017 or 2018. So the kids are 7 and 12 now and are more aware of their surroundings and able to process more long term memories. 

Why Taiwan, it's mostly to my bias to tiawan. 
Taiwan is the China I'm not scared of. Also being understanding of Chinese History, Taiwan is what China would have been if it were more progressive and have a very high Hdi... Which would have been very difficult because of its size. In some alternate Universe, a democratic China would be as messy as USA or any large democracy... But hopefully with checks and balances from its people and not people with absolute power. 

Taiwan is roughly 2PHP to 1 New Taiwan Dollar. So I just need to do simple math and 100NTD = 200php. 

Goals there, well it's really for the kids and my own plans regarding Taiwan is secondary. The kids should experience a different culture, and find Chinese accessible since I still have some smattering of Chinese even when I stopped studying it. 

If my kids were to study abroad, I was hoping Taiwan even if we have relatives in the USA - because of the electronics and tech opportunities in Taiwan. Pinoy kids with a rich English background and able to converse in mandarin would have certain opportunities - particularly when their dad exposes them to a lot of Tech with my own tiny startups - Open Source IT firm and Electronics Company. 

My own personal goals with Taiwan is getting to know more Electronics Suppliers, particularly those interested in diversifying into the Philippines. With a Manufacturing Plant and Electronics capabilities, and a Network - plus the ability to operate biz Lean - I would be an asset if someone from Taiwan wants to start up Philippine Operations to take advantage of our Labor costs and Strategic position. 

Of course I do understand what are the odds and reason why a Taiwanese Manufacturer would be curious about a Pinoy - given how lowly and trashy we are viewed by less Travelled people.