Lessons from Taiwan Trip Dec 16-21 2023

Our sickness finally kicked in when we got home. Right now we are in Isolation, but I have to go out to buy medicine. 

My Chinese is ok, the most I've interacted with Locals is through gestures and buying. At least I know my chinese numbers, I dont know why i was obsessed with mastering numbers for a while. it came into play during the trip - being able to pick it out of speech. 

During the Trip we averaged 10km of walking. With 19KM in one day and 10Km in the very least.  

lesson learned is that I need different footware if I'm going to clock those numbers. Particularly the Dr. Scholl's Heavy Duty Support.   I'm a size 10 it seems (for my records since I do this rarely). This doesnt exist in Taiwan. 

Key Metrics
  • Bring salt and Spices as some of the food is bland for me. 
  • my 7 year old can't walk more than 5km, she gets sleepy by 3-4pm and i have to carry her. I have to consider a stroller for her if we travel this year. 
  • Packing Metrics
    • 1 shirt per day + spare
    • 1 sock per day + spare
    • 1 pair of Pants + spare 
    • 1 pair of shoes that can be used in most occassions. 
    • Cold Weather 
      • I can stand 18C with just a shirt because of my overweight high body fat state right now. So I just need a shirt. I start needing added layers as I get weaker

    • This is 400NTD or 800php in the PHP. This is important as my Immune system degrades in the course of a trip. This is grat since I just have to deal with the a weakened version of sore throat and colds instead of them being really bad. 
    • Niko and Thea need tasks while Chat and I have other tasks in the morning. Its better If I analyze all the tasks that needs doing and they can be set up. 
    • Laundry is 45 mins for the clothes and 3 hours of drying. 

Other lessons in Taiwan
  1. Their Electronics must be very NICHE as I the prices are worse than in the Philippines. 
  2. Their marketplace is not straightforward as they use TW.Yahoo listing instead of Amazon or Google shopping. 
  3. Taiwan is for visiting countries with more developed infrastructure and small business practices.
  4.  I saw an Ad for restaurant servers for 35k-40k which is 70-80k php per month. Which is alost 3-6x more the salary here in the Philippines.When I saw the Taiwan Staff who did the Cebu Pacific in the Airport that means they had English PRoficiency and thus probably was about 4x the salary of the Philippine Equivalent.  Checking the income levels - 170k Php per month for median income which is not enough. probably this is combined for households at 340k php. 

If I ever become a Migrant Worker (because I come from the Developing world We're called Migrant workers but if I come from the Developed World its called an Expat)